Imran planned sloganeering, abuse in Masjid-e-Nabwi: Marriyum

PTI's prohibited funding case

Says PTI chief exported filth of his dirty politics to real Riyasat-e-Madina

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that the sloganeering and abuse at Masjid-e-Nabwi was all planned by Imran and she witnessed the entire orchestration of this heinous act with her own eyes.

In a media briefing, Marriyum slammed Imran Khan for lying that he had nothing to do with it. Imran claimed to be an advocate of the Riyasat-e-Madina but he exported the filth of his dirty politics to the real Riyasat-e-Madina by inciting violence in the holy city. This was all an organized an orchestrated activity.

She said all that had now backfired. She said she had witnessed it herself how it was being orchestrated and carried out like a meticulously planned activity where those individuals were signaling to each other who to abuse, who to harass, and coordinating slogan-chanting, at a place where even speaking in slightly loud voice was strictly prohibited by God Almighty.

“Imran was blatantly lying that he had nothing to do with any of this. This was all planned by Imran, people were appointed in different sections of the mosque to incite slogan-chanting and abuse,” she stressed.

The Information Minister said that Imran roamed the world with his begging bowl for four years, but it was Shehbaz Sharif under whom Pakistan was now setting on a path of strategic partnership with KSA after this visit. In addition to a $ 3 billion augmentation in accounts, Miftah Ismail was still in KSA, working on fuel procurement negotiations, industrial zones, Pakistani Diaspora’s rights, cultural and economic avenues.

The Minister said, Pakistan would now once again embark on a journey towards progress and development; it would pursue mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign countries on the principle of respect and equality; and now Pakistan would talk on the rights of the Kashmiris instead of trading it off to Kashmir like Imran.

She said Imran was so upset over Farah Gogi’s investigation because the tales of Farah Gujjar and Shehzad Akbar’s corruption and extortion were rooted in Bani Gala. Marriyum said in dozens of references based on hundreds of forged and fake documents waved around in press conferences were all smashed by courts and PTI was shown the door. Yet as shamelessly as Imran filed these fake cases, he continues to rant about them at press conferences even today with the same shamelessness.

She said from propaganda press conferences at PID by Shehzad Akbar to special meetings with David Rose and false stories published in Daily Mail and imprisoning PML-N leaders in death-row cells over trumped-up charges, Imran tries everything he could to harass and persecute the opposition. “Imran even used public money to pursue his political victimization by paying Broadsheet which too said there was no proof of wrongdoing by Shehbaz Sharif or other sin his family,” she said.

The minister said Imran and his tout Shehzad Akbar even pushed the UK Government’s National Crime Agency and provided them all the so-called proofs. However they were embarrassed there too after 2 years of exhaustive investigation the NCA said there was no proof of any money-laundering on Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz, and other members of the family accused by Imran. However, at the very sight of being held accountable for the massive corruption his front-person Farah Gogi, he was jumping in his chair and claiming that she had done no wrong.

“Imran said Farah could not be implicated in a case of assets beyond means because she did not hold any public office. What public office did Maryam Nawaz hold that she was dragged through courts for 4 years over false accusations?”, she questioned.

She said Farah’s asset jumped not by millions but by billions over the past 4 years because she was Imran and his wife’s front-person for corruption in Punjab while Shehzad Akbar was the front-man in Central Government. She said the Asset recovery Unit in the Prime Minister House was basically an Asset Making Unit for Imran. Where was Shehzad Akbar now?, she asked.

She said Imran was the only Prime Minister who sold off gifts from foreign countries, in their own countries. Imran was the only Prime Minister who lowered the gift retention percentage from Toasha Khana to 20 percent to get those gifts and then raised it to 50 percent, she added. Imran then got this gifts from the money taken from Farah Gogi, who was making billions on his behest by taking bribes for appointment of every government official in Punjab, she said. And not just that Imran made money through sugar scandal, through flour scandal.

She said, “The Prime Minister can only keep cars in their use only according to the law. But Imran took a BMW X5 on his way out, which was basically a car from the Prime Minister Office’s pool for foreign delegations. Imran insisted that he wanted to keep this car, although he had made a hoopla, a fiasco, and an uproar over expensive cars in the Prime Minister’s house. But when it came to his own luxury, he had no moral issues taking that car for himself. The price of this car when it was bought in 2016 was Rs 30 million which was now Rs 60 million and if the bomb-proofing and bullet-proofing is factored in this car, it now costs around Rs 150 million (15 crore). After two months Imran sent a request in cabinet division that the car had developed some fault therefore it should be replaced with a V8. This is the truth behind the petty, shallow mindset of this man who accuses others of corruption while he was still trying to use public money for his car repairs even after being ousted from office”, she lambasted.

She also told the media that instead of declaring and submitting a handgun gifted by another country’s diplomat into the ToshaKhana, Imran smuggled that gun into Pakistan and kept it with himself. Imran is not just a thief of ToshaKhana but a thief by nature. These were just the tip of the iceberg that had emerged over just a couple of weeks.