Farah being subjected to victimization: Imran


Chairman PTI Imran Khan on Sunday said that the institutions should expose the conspiracy for the sake of their repute.

Addressing a news conference, former prime minister said that a massive conspiracy has been hatched against 220 million people of the country. If it had happened in a Banana Republic the institutions would have become serious.

“People are angry, the institutions should also work and expose the conspiracy for their own repute,” Khan said.

Commenting on the corruption allegations against Farah Khan PTI Chairman said, “My spouse is a house wife, they found nothing against her, so they booked her friend in case”.

Imran Khan said that ” the real estate business has generated a lot of money during the last three years. Farah Khan has been in real estate business for last 20 years.” “She is not a public office holder,” he said. “Farah Khan is being subjected to victimization,” he alleged.

The PTI chairman said that initiating these cases is intended at attacking his person, reiterating that Farah is innocent. “I ask the NAB if a case can even be built against Farah Khan or not?” Imran Khan questioned.

“Sharif family was issuing threats to me, now their NRO II has started.

The nation knows that how they plundered national wealth and stashed it abroad in the name of their servants,” he said.

PTI chairman said,” we didn’t register a corruption case against them except the case of ‘Maqsood Chaprasi’, the cases against them were filed before our rule”.

Imran Khan alleged that they use money in media. “Now you have become aware about the media which is standing with their evil designs. This mafia exerts pressure if someone refuses to take their side,” he said.

The former prime minister also condemned arrest of Rashid Shafique, a nephew of former interior minister, “He was arrested from the airport to sent to jail. It is a shameful act, what will be more shameful when a person being arrested from airport.”

Imran Khan further said that to protest is a democratic right, “We will gather people in Islamabad and it will be peaceful, and first time in the history women and children will also participate in the long march”.—INP