Imran Khan’s long march badly failed: Ismail Rahoo


Leader of PPP and Sindh Universities & Boards Minister Ismail Rahoo has said that Imran Khan Niazi’s long march failed, that’s why he cancelled it and there was no way except this.

Universities & Boards Minister Ismail Rahoo further said in his statement that Imran Khan will neither get face saving nor will he be able to march again, the last ball and the balloon of the one who fought till the last breath went out in Punjab.

He has known the sugar thief and the watch thief, that’s why he didn’t go out with him on the streets. The provincial minister said that first it was said that there was one bullet in the leg, then it was said that there were four bullets, first it was said that there was no fracture, then it was added.

Ismail Rahoo replied to Imran Khan and said that Imran Khan should stop dreaming of Sindh, now Punjab is out of your hands and now worry about your KP. People are conscientious and conscious, your ignorance is constantly insulting the awareness and consciousness of Sindh. He said that the people of Sindh accept jail, flogging and executions but not dictatorship and slavery, slave is not Sindh, slave is your mentality, thinking and nature.

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