Imran fighting with corrupt nationals: Gill



Dr Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political communication, said in a statement that one side is the defamation of broadsheet, theft, fugitive, Calabrian London Flat, corruption of PPP and Maulana and on the other side is the Pakistan of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
He said this is the first time in 60 years that the government has built two large dams in Pakistan, new agreements are being made with EPPs. A steady increase in economic exports, a steady increase in remittances, digital payment system is being built, bright digital accounts are emerging, the stock market is became number one in Asia, and the journey of success of the economy is moving in the right direction for the first time.
He said government’s effective strategy has reduced smuggling through Iran and Afghanistan by 65% and the formal trade has increased so much. He said FBR’s efforts have also increased the import duty, benefiting the national exchequer by billions. Dr Gill said if not, only PDM thieves will be given NRO. This corrupt mafia cannot see the country moving in the right direction so it is trying to mislead the people.
He further said that, Bilawal Zardari has ruined Sindh in 13 years. Corruption is on the rise in Sindh. 53 percent families in Sindh are living beneath the poverty line and 60 percent population of the province is compelled to drink gutter-mixed water no any basic facilities provide to the masses in Sindh.
He said that Bilawal says he will end corruption in the country, Bilawal should first tell the people whether he will start with Asif Ali Zardari ? or his uncle Nawaz Sharif and his corrupt family.? He said that the statement of PDM has proved to be an enemy of the country. The people have rejected this corrupt gang. No matter how many conspiracies they make, failure is their destiny. The people of Pakistan stand side by side with the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Armed Forces of Pakistan.—PR

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