Imran doing real conspiracy by putting diplomatic relations at stake: CM


Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz has said that the ones whom Imran Niazi is criticising to remain neutral, their constitutional role definitely requires them to remain neutral.

If they perform their constitutional duties then Pakistan is divided into three parts and subjected to criticism for remaining neutral? Imran is doing a real conspiracy by putting the diplomatic relations at stake for the sake of his vested interests and ego, he denounced.

CM in a statement said, Niazi runs the campaign of Zac Goldsmith and Modi and we on the other hand are put to criticism. Imran is solely responsible for three and a half years of failed foreign policy, failed economic policy, failed internal policy, failed politics and anti-poor policies.

Niazi refrain from putting the burden of your failures on the institutions and the masses. Imran violates the agreements with the IMF; Imran causes economic destruction and puts the blame on us.

We are aware that in the days to come Niazi will castigate the heads of the institutions. We also know that Imran has given instructions to his social media team to run a malicious campaign against the heads of the institutions and indulge into an organised propaganda.

We also know that Imran Niazi has lost this game and the people of Pakistan are fully aware of Niazi’s anti-Pakistan horrible character. The boundaries which Imran is transgressing out of narcissism are the cause of chaos and unrest in the country.’’