Important meeting of Islamabad Master Plan Commission held


Meeting of Islamabad Mastar Plan Commission held on Friday under the chairmanship of chairman CDA at CDA Headquarters.The meeting was attended by members of the commission. Ali Nawaz Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for CDA Affairs, also attended the meeting.

It was decided that the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for CDA Affairs would be a permanent member of the Islamabad Mastar Plan Commission from now on. Chairman CDA and members of the commission welcomed Ali Nawaz Awan.

CDA management presented traffic management system and traffic management plan in Islamabad.

Briefing the commission, it was informed that under the smart traffic management system, non-motorized transport would be promoted in the city.Under this plan cycling lenses would be provided along all the highways to make Islamabad a cycling and pedestrian friendly city. Walkways will be completed and crossings along highways will be marked in addition to elimination of encroachments from.road sides. In addition to ensuring the installation of road furniture on all roads, places will be marked on all highways for road signs for pedestrians. A consultant for smart traffic management system is also being engwged under PC-2.

Giving further briefing to the commission, it was informed that the use of carpool and public transport service would be promoted under smart traffic management system. In this connection congestion charges would also be charged.

The meeting was further informed that parking plazas would be constructed at six different locations in Islamabad to eliminate parking issue from the city.

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