Illegal’ construction of grid station not acceptable


Rafiullah Mandokhail


Residents of Killi Maroofzai Badinzai – Abdullahzai Noora Khan, Qalam Jan and others while addressing a press conference said that the 50-acre land (Khasra number 3351-3352-3357) near Lasizai Shinkai Ghundei area costs Rs. 25 million. But the ‘irrelevant’ parties have hidden the real value of the land, while the market price of land is many times higher than the price written in the ‘bogus’ agreement.
‘We came to know that a grid station is now being constructed on our land which is absolutely illegal,” they alleged. They said that the mentioned above land belongs to them from their ancestors and they have been living on the land Khasra number 3351 from the very beginning. The case of the parties has also been dismissed in the civil court. “Although we are not against the development work, but the agreement with irrelevant people is bogus and not acceptable to us at all. Compensation should be given only to the real landowners,” they demanded.

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