IIU acting president visits boys hostels, gives directions for solution to their problems

Zubair Qureshi

Acting President of International Islamic University (IIU) Professor. Dr. N. B. Jumani on visited the hostel no. 5 and 6 of the university and listened to the problems of the students in presence of all the relevant officers.

Apart from all the Directors and Dr. Abrar Anver, Provost male hostels and the relevant officials of the departments, was also present on the occasion.

After listening to the problems of the students and addressing the issues, the Acting President IIU directed that there must be no negligence in addressing the immediate solvable issues. He desired that all the concerned departments according to the identified problems at the hostels must chalk out plans and submit the reports along with solutions in his office at earliest as he would be personally supervising all matters discussed in hostels during this visit.

The university’ Acting President said that there will be zero tolerance for those who will show negligence in duty.

He directed that improvement in security, cleanliness, hygiene, electrical, gardening, civil and overall life quality in the hostels is the top priority. He said as per vision Worthy President IIUI Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi , facilitation of the students and provision of the best living environment to the students is a top priority of the university management. He said no stone shall be left unturned to make hostels neat, clean, hygienic and as per international standard. He also visited the turnstile gates and advised that strict vigilance and monitoring must be ensured to identify illegal boarders or any other irrelevant person. He also visited the rooms of the students and ensured that their problems shall be solved at earliest.

He said that these visits and meet ups shall continue and the administration teams in his supervision shall keep paying surprise visits as well. He also checked maintenance registers, availability of staff and mess facilities at the hostels.

On the occasion, Dr. Abrar Anver thanked the Acting President and his team for visiting the hostels. He said the students’ community has felt really happy and blessed as the administration itself visits them, listens to their problems and issues orders on the spot for swift solutions. He also assured on the occasion that he would make sure that not a single illegal boarder would be able to stay at the hostels. He apprised that the provost office is making sure that only the boarder would benefit from the mess facility. The students, while appreciating the visit termed it a historical initiative by administration. They said they are happy that the administration is aware of their issues and the Worthy Acting President has issued an immediate order for solution to their number of problems.