IIPS webinar on role of Real Estate in development

Observer Report

Real estate is one of the largest drivers of Pakistan’s economy. The Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies organised a webinar titled: “The Role of Real Estate in Pakistan’s Economic Development” on 23 June to highlight the significance of real estate in Pakistan’s economic development and discuss the challenges hindering the growth of the sector along with its remedial measures.

The webinar included expert panellists namely, Mr. Shafiq Akbar, Chairman Imarat Group and CEO Graana.com, Shaikh Muhammad Imran, Vice Chairman LDA, Dr. Khaqan Hassan Najeeb, senior economist and public policy expert, Mr Khurram Farid Bargatt, Chartered Urban Planner, and Dr Shujat Ali, retired civil servant.

The session was moderated by Lt Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam, HI (M), SBt, (Retd), President IIPS advisory board.

While speaking on the minimum reform agenda for better regulation of real estate, Mr Imran highlighted the regulatory measures taken by the incumbent government to boost real estate related activities in Pakistan.

While explaining the importance of real estate in the country’s economic development, Mr Shafiq Akbar stressed that Pakistan could become a $1 trillion economy by 2040 given the continuity of reforms and the provision of 20 million housing units.

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