IIOJK hemorrhaging after division into two UTs: Harsh Dev


Disputing the claims of development, normalcy and corruption free system in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) being repeatedly made by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders post Article 370 abrogation, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman, Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) and former minister accused the present regime of indulging in self praise and self adulation without showing anything tangible on the ground.

Addressing public meetings in Ladda, Chirdi, Mada and Karlah villages of Chenani constituency, Harsh Dev Singh said while J&K was hemorrhaging after its division into two union territories (UTs), the BJP government at New Delhi seems to be least concerned about the plight of the suffering people of erstwhile state.

Harsh Dev Singh said authorities that promised a visible change in J&K after Art 370 abrogation has failed to curb even the gradual deterioration in the general services with a highly ascendant bureaucracy averse to the woes and sufferings of common masses.

He argued that the BJP govt had failed to address the concerns of various groups which has sparked outrage in various regions as was being manifested in the shape of ever increasing protests and public demonstrations being organized on day to day basis.

“Downgrading of the oldest historical State of J&K to UTs has been the most obnoxious dent upon the pride of its people. A feeling of deprivation and demotion which hurt the people could have been assuaged to some extent by compensating them in other ways.

The govt failed to do that. The tall slogans of the employment package for J&K have all evaporated into their air.

The Education, Power, PHE and Health sectors in particular are in a mess with acute deficiency of manpower having adversely impacted the functioning of these significant departments.

And while the people continue to suffer the authorities are busy patting their own back”, lamented Singh.

“The fact of the matter is that J&K continues to bleed. In Jammu too, the mobile internet remained banned for around 18 months causing much inconvenience to general masses besides huge losses to traders and students as well.

Development has come to a grinding halt with corruption having become all pervasive. Those who question the policies of the authorities are treated with derision and contempt.—KMS

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