IIOJK authorities issue order to victimize employees for affiliation with freedom movement


IN Indian illegally occupie d Jammu and Kashmir, the authorities have issued a new order to victimize the government employees for their affiliation with the ongoing freedom movement.

As per the new order, a government employee will be terminated from the service and also become ineligible for promotion if he/she was found directly or indirectly involved in the ongoing freedom movement.

The order also states that in case a gov-ernment employee fails to report his/her relatives and acquaintances who might be directly or indi-rectly involved in anti-India and pro-freedom activi-ties then even in such a scenario, the government employee will be held liable and could face termina-tion.

At the outset, the government order says, “Every Government employee is mandatorily re-quired to maintain absolute integrity, honesty and allegiance to the Union of India and its Constitution and do nothing which is unbecoming of a Govern-ment servant.”

As per the order a list of such employees will be prepared by the authorities from time to time. Con-sequently, the concerned administrative departments will take cognisance of such a list of employees and immediately report it to the General Administration Department of the territory.

Such cases will then be forwarded to the Screening Committee of the terri-tory constituted under the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Verification of Character & Antecedents) Instructions, 1997 for its final decision.

Thereafter, in case such employees are due for promotion (Functional/ Non-functional), their cases shall be put on hold immediately.

On confirmation of the adverse report by the Screening Committee, further action will be taken against the adversely reported employee(s), which may include termination from Government services.

The decision of the Screening Committee can be reviewed by the Review Committee, on reference to it by the Screening Committee or on the representa-tion of any aggrieved employee(s .– KMS

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