IGP directs RPOs, CPOs, DPOs to comply with Court orders


Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani has said that ensuring prompt resolution of issues related to and arising from matters before honorable courts constitute a top priority of the Punjab Police and therefore not only all orders issued by honorable courts must be implemented but also it is essential for every police officer and official to cooperate and assist with courts at every level of judicial process.
IG Punjab directed all the command officers of the province to follow instructions before appearing in the courts and ensure strict implementation of the court orders.
He stressed the senior officers to ensure the implementation of the following instructions under their personal supervision in all matters relating to the courts.
According to the details, the letter directed that unless a superior court issues a new order on the matter under hearing, all instructions issued by the courts should be implemented in letter and spirit within the time frame stipulated by the honorable courts.
IG Punjab further said in the letter that if the court summons an officer, only the concerned or the most relevant person related to him shall appear in the court, whereas if a particular officer is summoned to court with his name or designation, then instead of deputing another person to court, he himself will ensure his presence in court.
He further said that detailed instructions regarding appearance in the court have been issued in standing Order No. 10 of 2018, after which the implementation of subsequent circular orders and SOPs issued in this regard should be strictly followed.
He further said that if a report is to be submitted in the court, then the complete and thorough report supported by relevant evidence shall be submitted by the concerned officer within the stipulated time under the officer’s own signature on the report.
He further said that close and active liaison should be maintained with the Law officers from the offices of Attorney General of Pakistan, Advocate General Punjab and Prosecutor General Punjab and every instruction issued by them regarding judicial matters should be implemented without delay.
The letter further directed that in case of bail, all the details should be recorded in the case file submitted to the court such as the previous record of the accused along with the status of the any prior cases registered against the accused person.
The IG Punjab further said that a senior officer whose rank is not less than DSP or ASP should be deputed to appear before the Supreme Court of Pakistan while the name and contact of the officer who has been deputed to appear before the Supreme Court of Pakistan should be intimated to AIG Legal-HRC well in advance before the hearing of the case.
The officer deputed for appearance before the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan should immediately inform AIG Legal-HRC of all the details of the hearing by verbally or telephonically immediately after the hearing on the day of appearance as well as in written form on the next working day. The letter further said that matters on which legal opinion or guidance is required would be immediately brought to the notice of DIG Legal Punjab. These instructions have been sent by IG Punjab to all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs including CCPO Lahore. The letter emphasized that by implementing these instructions, not only to expedite the matters sub judice but also to ensure the dignity of the courts and sanctity of their orders issued by the Honorable Supreme Court is strictly maintained.