IEA health minister asks people to get vaccinated against Covid-19



Acting Minister of Public Health of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Qalandar Ebad said that the threat of COVID-19 has not been vanished yet from the world and Afghanistan and asked the people to get vaccinated against the pandemic.The acting Minister appreciated the patience of people in the COVID situation and recommended they increase their precautionary measures.

Speaking at a video clip on Saturday, January 29, 2022, Qalandar Ebad said protecting oneself is one of the obligations of the Islam religion and that vac-cine is the most effective way to fight the virus.

“Fortunately, Afghanistan has imported millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines that are now available in provincial centers of all provinces and some dis-tricts of the 34 provinces.” Said Ebad.This comes as the threat of the pandemic is not so much serious in Afghanistan and the people have almost forgotten about the virus as it is going through the worst humanitarian crisis.


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