Ibrahim urges to revive spirit of 1965


We need the same unity and spirit today that was exhibited by our nation to safeguard the motherland during the 1965 war. Ibrahim Hasan Murad, President of University of Management and Technology (UMT), expressed these views at the flag hoisting ceremony arranged to pay tributes to the martyrs of Defence Day on September 6. He praised the armed forces of Pakistan for protecting the country’s borders during the war of 1965.

Murad said that we salute the sons, daughter of this great soil for laying down their lives in the defence of Pakistan. He added that the spirit of collective responsibility shown by the Pakistani nation during the war of 1965 was once again needed to cope with the humanitarian crisis in the wake of devastating floods.

President UMT said that we all must work together to look after our countrymen who had lost everything in the flood.

He called on the youth to play their role in the development of the country, as youngsters are the “backbone of the nation”.

Our nation must stand united and reaffirm the spirit of patriotism; he added.

Ibrahim Murad urged Pakistanis to devote their energies towards making Pakistan a stable and self-sustaining nation. Mr. Murad added that September 6 was a reminder of the courage exhibited by Pakistanis in difficult times. It was a source of igniting the spirit of patriotism in our youth.

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