Hybrid warfare and social collapse | By Mohsin Mumtaz


Hybrid warfare and social collapse

THE reformation, renaissance and industrial revolution provided the gist of knowledge regarding modernization and technological innovations.

The first half of 20th Century witnessed the adaptation of modern means of warfare much more dormant, muzzled and shackled.

In fact, the dilemma of fifth generation warfare has totally changed the global circuit which can be observed by the growing political intolerance and social disharmony within the modernized societies.

Fifth generation warfare deploys a blend of kinetic operations and subversive efforts to destabilize an adversary.

It is a combination of unconventional and conventional, regular and irregular, hybrid and technological warfare used to sabotage the socio-economic structure of an enemy.

On the other hand, Paul Horton views social collapse as a situation where social order fails to define societal roles and functions.

According to defence analyst Muhammad Shahzad, fifth generation warfare derails social order by inducing intercultural discord that not only leads to cultural prejudice, but also paves way for religio-ethnic conflicts.

The most prominent example in this regard can be of Russia. Russia used such alleged and illicit tactics in 2020 to manipulate the election process of the United States.

Consequently, fifth generation warfare, an invention of 20th Century, is a stigma which can lead to social collapse, anarchy and instability.

The brutal nature of fifth generation warfare can be witnessed by the fact that it exacerbate the intensity of sectarian violence and ethnic conflicts explicitly resulting in social collapse and disintegration.

In addition to it, the dilemma of institutional collision is the consequence of fifth generation warfare which has given birth to social collapse along with grave violation of fundamental rights.

Ironically, the scope of fifth generation warfare is unending as it promotes inter-provincial discord which minimizes intercultural communication and leads to social collapse and social disorder.

Unfortunately, the genocidal character of fifth generation warfare has supported the anti-state narrative and preconceived notions made by non state actors which has led to minority oppression and subjugation.

Last, but not the least, women suppression and gender discrimination are also the outcomes of fifth generation warfare which have paved way for societal chaos and gender inequality.

Hence, it can undoubtedly said that fifth generation warfare is a social evil and a dawn of social collapse.

Keeping in view the genesis of the above connotation, there is a dire need to tackle the present imbroglio in a synergetic manner so as to address the issue in totality.

The irony of fifth generation warfare can be tackled efficiently by adopting modern means, methods and strategies.

First, establishment of global monitoring authority to wage fifth generation warfare is essential for the curtailment of future threats.

Moreover, states need to adopt workable and concrete strategies by upgrading their technology keeping in view strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so that cyber attacks are prevented efficaciously.

Furthermore, opinion leaders and religious propagators need to step forward for the assurance of global peace, prosperity and progress.

Finally, we need serious, coherent and integrated understanding of mega problems and mega opportunities to identify and implement strategies on the scale necessary to address the prevailing challenge of fifth generation warfare.

For the above-mentioned purpose, the global key stakeholders need to take prudent decisions and purposeful actions so that the interactable quagmires are addressed harmoniously and congruently.

—The writer is MPhil scholar, based in Rawalpindi.