Humanitarian, relief consignments handed over to Afghan authorities


Humanitarian and relief consignments convoy of six trucks carrying 17.5 tons of food items, clothing, bedding and medical supplies have been handed over to Afghan authorities at Kharlachi under the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum’s (PACF).

According to detail Humanitarian and re-lief con-signments sponsored and donated by Alkhidmat Foundation and Afghan Red Crescent in coordina-tion with Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum. Follow-ing officials were present at the occasion.

Afghan Red Crescent, Molvi Ilyas khel Nasari Head South West Region ARCS, Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Head Paktia ARCS. Alkhidmat Foundation Pak, Muhammad Waseem SPM, Alkhidmat Foundation KPK Office, Ilyas Bangash, President Alkhidmat Foundation Kurram.


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