How to win World Cup final in Melbourne! | By S Nayyar Uddin Ahmad


How to win World Cup final in Melbourne!

KEEPING in view that on 10 November 22 the English team took their game to such a high level that stunned the Indians, as if they were struck by a lightning and now, it was imperative upon Pakistani team to be a step ahead of the game level, set by the English cricketers to comfortably win tomorrow’s (13 November) World Cup final match.

As such, the following suggestions are proposed for implementation by our team management, if deemed appropriate:

Pakistani team’s highest power play score in the current World Cup was 55 runs in the first six overs.

In order to give a surprise and demoralise and pulverise the English team, we must AIM for 80+ runs in the power play overs with fearless power hitting and not looking back, if in the process of power hitting, few wickets are lost, for which the following plans are suggested:

1.If Babar Azam and M Rizwan are confident that they can score 80 runs in six overs then both of them should open the innings.

2.However, both our above named openers are too precious to be sacrificed for such a task, which they have not previously achieved and also keeping in view that our team may need them to stabilise the batting, in case by attempting to score 80 runs, our two or three wickets are down.

3.As such, it will be more useful to open the innings with M Haris and Shadab Khan and Iftikhar may be sent as one down at # 3 or play with three fast bowlers and include Asif Ali for opening the innings (with M Harris) by giving free hand to both the openers to fearlessly but not recklessly, play their natural game with the AIM of getting 80 runs in six overs of the power play.

4.Later on, (if Asif Ali is included to open the innings) three regular batsmen namely Babar Azam, M Rizwan and Shah Masood can carry the momentum for scoring the next 120 runs or more, in the remaining 14 overs, who will have the luxury of further reliable and aggressive batting support from Shadab Khan and M Nawaz, before the three pacers, all of whom have already demonstrated their ability to score runs with fours and sixes.

5.Few important points for the fielders: (i) There are very high chances of not dropping any catch, if before the delivery of every ball, all the eleven fielders must think in their minds that on this ball, I will be getting a chance of a catch.

(ii) There are much higher chances of a direct throw of a fielder hitting the stumps, if while attempting a run out:

a).The eyes of the throwing fielder are locked over the stumps and

b). The throw is NOT direct over stumps in the air, but with one bump on the ground.

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