Hospitalization for foodborne illnesses among girl students at Kabul university



Having contracted food poisoning, the Kabul University dormitory’s female residents are receiving medical attention in the hospital for abdominal pain and stiffness, diarrhea, and high fever.

A source from the female dormitory of the Kabul University told Khaama Press on Sunday, the 2nd of October, that female students had meat and beans for dinner and now they are hospitalized and treated for foodborne illnesses.

The majority of the female students, according to the source—who requested to remain anonymous—were poisoned. The source claimed that Kabul University’s dormitory hospital is “congested” and that it appears that all of the female students have been food poisoned.

Additionally, the source told Khaama Press that the cause of the food poisoning is still unknown because the source of the poisoning has not yet been identified by medical experts.

High fever, headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fatigue are symptoms common in female students, who live in the dormitory of Kabul University.

The source criticizes Kabul University Hospital for lacking the required facilities. The source also claims that medical professionals are still unable to determine what caused this poisoning.

It, therefore, remains unknown if the students’ mass poisoning was an accident or if they were given contaminated food purposefully.

While the poisoning has affected female students, they were scheduled to march today to protest the Hazaras’ genocide.

The domestic media covered the news and reported that the poisoning was deliberate and that the girls were poisoned to stop the protestors from gathering.—Khaama News Pres Agency


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