Hospital admin served notice for not implementing MSDS


Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has served a legal notice to the Services Hospital administration for non-implementation of the Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS).

As per the notice issued here on Saturday, the administration had been directed to appear before the PHC committee in due course along with the compliance evidences.

This is consequent upon a special inspection of the different departments of the Hospital, carried out to evaluate the continued implementation of the standards. These departments included emergency and its operation theatres, blood bank, and dengue management besides overall inspection of the hospital.

During the inspection, it was found that there was a mixing of infectious and non-infectious waste, dangling loose wires in many areas, extremely poor cleanliness, seepage in many areas, and inadequate arrangements in the yellow room as waste was stored in an open area as the covered yellow room was dysfunctional, while several potential mosquito breeding sites were observed.

In the emergency department, the inspection team found the non-existence and non-implementation of emergency SOPs. In its operation theatres, attendants were wandering freely, and surgeries were being performed with open doors since the central air conditioning was not functional fully.

Besides, poor cleanliness, swab culture reports were not available at the time of inspection. In the blood bank, incomplete forms of consent for blood transfusion were found, while the transfusion reaction register was not available at the time of visit.


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