Hooligans attack lady AC in Mansehra


Three hooligans attacked Assistant Commissioner Marvi Malik Sher near Ghazi Kot, Mansehra last week, it emerged on Sunday. Marvi Malik is one of the five sisters who have set a record of clearing CSS examination and join bureaucracy.

The three accused were arrested on March 18 when they tried to overtake the assistant commissioner’s car several times. They also kept taking her pictures and videos and then stopped their vehicle in front of her car in Ghazi Kot.

The accused expressed their dismay at having a “Woman as an assistant commissioner in their area”. The hooligans also tried to hit the assistant commissioner by trying to pull her out of the vehicle, injuring her and the guard.

Some people present at the site rescued them and handed the three men to the police. A case under various sections including those pertaining to harassment was registered on the complaint of Marvi Malik.

Marvi Malik Sher is among those five sisters who had set a unique record to clear CSS examination and join bureaucracy. The success story of these five Sher sisters in CSS examinations embodies exemplary instances of women empowerment.


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