Honorary Consul General of Morocco calls on Administrator Karachi



Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman on Saturday said that there are friendly relations between Pakistan and Morocco and the locals also consider the people of Morocco as their friends and sympathizer.

“The mutual relations between the two countries should be further expanded. A road in Karachi will be attributed to Morocco and the Moroccan city of Casablanca is proposed to be a sister city of Karachi,” the Administrator said on the occasion of a meeting with the Honorary Consul General of Morocco Ishtiaq Baig, who met Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman in his office on here.

The Administrator Karachi said that like the beautiful and modern city of Morocco, Karachi will also be developed and they would welcome Morocco’s cooperation in this regard.

He said that relations between Pakistan and Morocco in various fields will increase, adding that Morocco imports sports goods and surgical items from Pakistan in large quantities.

Dr Syed Saifur Rehman said that the way Pakistani fans have encouraged the Moroccan team in the semi-finals of the World Cup held in Qatar is proof that the citizens of Pakistan love Morocco.Speaking on the occasion, Honorary Consul General Morocco Ishtiaq Baig said that the world’s first university was established in Morocco and Pakistan had openly supported Morocco’s independence.

He said that Tariq bin Ziyad has also been from Morocco. He said that a street in Casablanca has been named after Pakistan and Moroccan people respect Pakistanis immensely, more than 70 families from Morocco have settled in Karachi.

Ishtiaq Baig said that Moroccan people respect their parents very much, when the king of Morocco called the team to play the semi-final of the World Cup, all the players came to the ceremony with their mothers, which can be seen there.

The Administrator expressed good wishes for the King of Morocco on behalf of the citizens of Karachi. On this occasion, the Consul General invited the Administrator Karachi to visit Morocco.

Administrator Karachi also presented Consul General Ishtiaq Baig with the emblem of KMC.