Honda, Yamaha announce huge price increase for all bikes; check new rates here


KARACHI – Honda, Yamaha – the two leading bike makers in Pakistan, have soared prices of their entire line-up, with the increase going as high as Rs38,000.

Honda registered an increase in prices from Rs5,000 to Rs15,000 in its whole range of motorbikes while Yamaha company raised prices of its all brands from Rs34,000 to Rs38,000.

Honda’s best-selling model CD-70 saw an increase of Rs5,000 in its price and will now be available at Rs149,000. Its other brand CG-125 can now be purchased for Rs222,900 after a raise of Rs8,000 in its price.

The rate of top-of-the-line variants CB-125F has been increased by Rs15,000 and the new price will now be Rs365,900 while CB150F SE saw a similar price hike and the price stands at Rs462,900.

Yamaha shared a circular for dealers, updating the price of its entire lineup. The price of Yamaha YB 125Z is Rs. 342,500 after a hike of a staggering Rs34,000. Yamaha YB 125Z DX is now available at Rs366,500 with a hike of Rs. 36,000.

It’s most selling unit Yamaha YBR 125 saw a hike of Rs37,000 with a massive hike of Rs. 376,500.

Pakistani rupee’s depreciation has unleashed a fresh wave of price hikes; especially the auto sector.