HIWT organises awarness walk in connecon with World Thalassemia Day



The help International Welfare Trust (HIWT) organised an awareness walk in connection with World Thalassemia Day observance on Monday.The event aimed to empower people  with the knowledge of early detection and pave the way for a thalassemia-free future.An awareness walk, led by HIWT and Mr Faisal Zahid Malik, Editor-in-chief Pakistan Observer ,saw enthusiastic participation from children, people and healthcare professionals.The represntative of HIWT expressed the pressing need to educate people about the debilitating disease. He highlighted the importance of early diagnosis through screening tests, which can significantly contribute to preventing the spread of thalassemia.

He urged participants  to actively participate in creating awareness and becoming ambassadors for thalassemia prevention in their communities. He also emphasised that the screening test plays a vital role in identifying the disorder and enabling preventive measures to combat its spread.

Mr Faisal Zahid Malik, Editor-in-chief Pakistan Observer also shared his thoughts on the occasion.He acknowledged the efforts of the HIWT in organising the awareness walk, stating that such initiatives are essential in combating the spread of thalassemia, and he also emphasized the importance of people undergoing thalassemia screening tests before marriage at the regional center free of cost. HIWT President Mr Rauf Tabani was also present.Mr. Abdul Rauf Tabani, Chairman HIWT, Mr. Muhammad Hanif Motlani, Trustee HIWT, Dr. Saira Bano, Member Advisory Board, HIWT, Mr. Siddique Shaikh, Ex-Chairman Indus Hospital, Mr. Shabbir Haroon, President APMF, Haji Anis Arfa, Haji Usman Pardesi, Mr. Adil Ahmed Khan, President HIWT were also present

Thalassemia in Pakistan and role of Under its Thalassemia Major Eradication Programme, HIWT has been providing 100% free-of-cost quality medical care and education to our Thalassemia patients. Considering the harsh reality in Pakistan where 5 out of 100 people are affected by Thalassemia and approximately 9 million population of Pakistan is Thalassemia carriers (minor) and 90 to 100 K are Thalassemia majors, our efforts towards eradication of Thalassemia Major need commitment and help from socially sensitized organizations and individuals like you.