Hindu Temple attack



THE incident that happened in Bhong area of Rahimyar Khan where a Hindu temple was vandalized has drawn a strong reaction and criticism from different quarters and rightly so because minorities according to the constitution are equal citizens and the protection of their life and property is responsibility of the state.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad while taking suo motu notice of the despicable incident censured police department for failing to take action to safeguard the Hindu temple, directing to arrest all the culprits at the earliest.

In fact the culprits should have been arrested soon after the incident as it was not very difficult to identify them.

Those behind it had not come anywhere from outside but these were locals who got angry after a nine-year old Hindu boy allegedly urinated in a local seminary and then was granted bail by a court.

Indeed the desecration of a seminary can also be not allowed but the act was committed not by an adult but a child who definitely will not be aware of the sanctity of the place.

Instead of attacking the temple which only brought a bad name to the country and provided space to the country’s enemy to do propaganda, the officials of the seminary should have sat with the Hindu community members to ensure that the sanctity of the seminary is not violated again.

Our great religion Islam does not allow attacks on the worship places of others. What Quran teaches is that there is no compulsion in religion.

The way the entire nation took strong exception to the temple incident and stood in solidarity with the Hindu community is really appreciable.

This, in fact, is the true face of Pakistan. Acts of few individuals do not represent the opinion and aspirations of the whole nation.

While ensuring early restoration of the temple, for which Prime Minister Imran Khan has already given directions, it must be ensured that such incidents do not recur.

For this, as also instructed by the honourable Chief Justice, village committees be formed especially in areas where minorities live, in order to ensure peace and religious harmony.

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