Hijab row | By Ali Gillani


Hijab row

I have been writing about the fanatical and genocidal tendencies of Modi led India for quite some time now.

I have penned several pieces on this topic, explaining and differentiating pre-Modi India with current-Modi India and how post-Modi India will be if there ever will be.

Society is a delicate thing.With careful and right amount of nourishment and nurture it embraces love, equality, respect and tolerance.

Opposite of that gives rise to hate, inequality, contempt and intolerance.To accomplish latter, any society needs a right kind of leader who possess an unparallel skill level and an infinite amount of reserves of fascism to instill discrimination and bigotry in the roots of a society.

In short, a sociopath amped up with racial and religious distinguishing abilities.Earlier this month a large number of Indian female students had been barred from entering the premises of government schools.

They had been told that if they wished to continue their education, they simply had to part their ways with the hijab.

No more covering up.It sent the wrong message, they insisted.To whom?That they failed to explain.Most of these girls have been wearing hijab from a very young age.

It is a part of their identity and to take it away from them with simple legislation is sickening if not shocking.

However, we must give credit where it is due.Whenever, we think that this zealous Indian government is unable to go that low, it does, proving us wrong and utterly embarrassed.

It is futile to discuss the merits and demerits of donning a hijab.Whether a woman should cover herself or not is a debate of decades long and should be left to women.

If in the current civilized world forcing a woman to cover herself is wrong and a direct violation of her basic rights then forcing a woman to uncover herself should also fall under the category of violating basic human rights.

Yet, we see this abominable law first implemented in France and now in a part of India.

One wonders where are all the champions and bearers of human rights?It shouldn’t make sense but unfortunately it is.

The enthusiastic chanters of “Jai Shri Ram” don’t really care about the moral grounds of their demands.

Their shameful agenda far outweighs the delicacies and intricacies of human rights involved.

They have a mission to fulfil, a prophecy if you may.Their mission is too big to concern themselves with if they are on the right side of history.

It is now scarf versus saffron.It always has been.And these goons will go to any extent to wipe off the Muslims from the face of the earth.

Welcome to this new polarised India where discrimination and subjugation of Muslims is the new policy.

This is an India where demanding the complete eradication of Muslims is the norm.

This is an India where catcalling and mob-lynching of Muslims fails to draw out any humane response from the highest echelons of the BJP government.

This is an India where systematic erasure is being carried out without the fear of any outcry from civil society.

This is an India where the Supreme Court is a silent spectator if not a willing participant and the media is a government mouthpiece turning victims into oppressors.

The poisonous seeds have long been sown waiting for the acidic rain.Now, that the acidic rain (Modi) has finally come down at the right time in the right amount waking the seeds from deep slumber, this new India is out for blood and it will not stop until it will have the blood to its heart’s content.

—The writer is an Engineer, based in Rawalpindi.


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