High inflation and poor people | BY Raana Kanwal


High inflation and poor people

FOR the past few months, the genie of inflation in our country has come out of the bottle and has increased so much that it is not be able to go back into the bottle.

inflation is touching its highest level. It would not be right to blame one government for inflation, but all the successive governments are all equally responsible.

However, it is certain that some have more and some have less, as the previous government (PTI) played an important role in bringing inflation to a peak, and due to their economic policies, the rate of poverty is so high today.

It has happened that now even having two meals a day is a real luxury and it is impossible for common man to imagine buying fruit and other food that provide vitamins.

The surprising thing is that the current government and its allies used to kick the previous government because of inflation, but the people are seeing that the same allies are now in the government and are enjoying power and ministries, but the main problem of the people is inflation.

For which no adequate measures to control are taken. While the weak economic policy is said to be the cause of inflation, there has been a huge increase in inflation due to floods across the country.

But the people are questioning that if domestic and foreign grants and aid are being implemented, then why is the inflation not decreasing? Second, the government had made a fuss that after the release of the IMF tranche, not only the value of the dollar would come down, but the storm of inflation would also subside, but this did not happen at all.

Despite the release of the IMF installment, not only the value of the dollar is increasing, but the rate of inflation has also taken the form of the Himalayas.

Looking at the government reports, it seems that all four provinces are financially very stable and the people are not facing any kind of problems.

There is absolutely no poverty, no health problems, high education rates, etc. But in reality, if you go to these cities and villages, you will see the exact opposite of the picture.

The question is, where should the poor go? Ultimately, it breaks down on the politicians that they will do something for them and on that hope they are forced to vote for them in every election. The people had certainly given the former government (PTI) a chance to heal their sufferings, but the result is before all of us.

Why is the government not solving the problems of the people? Is their team weak? Or do they not trust each other or are they afraid to make tough decisions? People want to know why you don’t tell them that when the IMF and the countries from which the loans are taken when imposing conditions that the tax burden on the people should be increased, we can’t do it.

Now the narrative of PTI and Imran Khan is coming out that “We are not slaves that we will do whatever you say” and “Absolutely Not”. They continued to take loans from other countries on tough terms. You are still meeting with the US Ambassador.

Now you are telling new stories to the people and those people, especially the youth, who only have access to social media, are responding to everything their leader says without thinking. For God’s sake! Now is the time to open your eyes and see how troubled your people are.

It is not known whether the ruling class or their associates watch the news and videos or not that such and such a person committed suicide individually or collectively with his family due to poverty and inflation.

Remember that simply increasing the salaries of a specific sector will not work or just by the rulers making a narrative that seeing the rush of people in markets andrestaurants and the increase in vehicles, it cannot be said that there is no poverty in this country.

This would be completely wrong because you cannot say “All is well” in the whole country after looking at the poor condition of a small section.

If you look at the condition of the middle and lower class apart from this class, you will know that they are dying every day due to an increase in inflation. The current rulers are requested not only to express their opinions in the assemblies but also to take some practical steps to solve the inflation.

It should be remembered that in running the country in the true sense, the hard work of the elite, as well as the workers and the common people, is also a recognized fact.

So why not take systematic steps to end inflation so that every citizen of the country can better support his family and get at least the basic necessities of life?

—The writer is currently working as an Administrator in Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad.


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