HESCO extends outage duration to 12 hours due to fault in heavy transformer



Hyderabad Electric Supply Company’s (HESCO) MVA power transformer installed at 132 KV Kohsar grid station has been shut down due to technical fault which has affected power supply in many areas.

According to a Hesco spokesperson, after the shutdown of the 40 MVA power transformer, the load of 8 feeders of 11 KV has been transferred to another T2 power transformer, which is supplying power to the affected areas and shutting down every two hours.

HESCO Chief Executive Officer Noor Ahmad Soomro asked the concerned senior officers and technical staff to immediately start the work of replacing the damaged transformer.

The spokesman said that power was being supplied to all 15 feeders of 11 KV from other 40 T2 transformers at Kohsar grid station and the duration of power outage on all feeders would be 12 hours.

The feeders affected due to transformer malfunction include Board Stadium, New Stadium, SRC, Civil Aviation, L9 New, L5, L11 and Public Schools, the spokesman said.

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