Herat girls over 6th grade now banned from school



Female students in Herat in grades 7-12, who were allowed to participate in classes, were told to stay home as the Islamic Emirate closed secondary and high schools for the girls across Afghanistan.

Herat was the only province where female students above the 6th grade were allowed to go to schools for the first and second day of the school year, but the schools’ doors were closed for them on day-three.

The female students in Herat said that they have become hopeless about the closing of schools. The siblings Zainab and Shakila said that they were very disappointed when they were told to stay home.

“We went to the school to ask our deputy principal about the teachers. She told us that we can no longer continue our education … I have seen a lot of boys going to their schools,” Zainab said.

“When we have read the speeches of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), they were all suggesting studies for humans not for any specific gender,” Shakila said.

The closing of schools in Herat follows the Islamic Emirate’s decision last Wednesday to prevent female students in grades 7-12 from going to school despite a previous announcement by the current Afghan government which granted allowance for reopening of all schools for male and female students across the country.

“When they told us we are not allowed to study and go back home, I felt terrible and disappointed,” said Amina, student.

The banning of girls from schools faced strong reactions at the national and international level.

However, the Ministry of Education said it has sent a plan about the fate of the female students in grade 7-12 to the office of the Prime Minister. —Tolo News


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