Panelists discuss Afghanistan at Doha Forum


The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, the former interior deputy minister for policy and strategy Hosna Jalil, and Parliamentary state secretary to the federal minister for economic cooperation and development of Germany, Neils Annen, on Saturday discussed the situation in Afghanistan at Doha Forum.

West said he had been talking with the Islamic Emirate in the past seven months for addressing the humanitarian crisis in the country, fixing problems at Afghan central bank and professionalizing it, and issues about terrorism.

“I think a policy of totally and complete isolation would be an abandonment of 40 million people,” West said, indicating the US has no such a policy. West’s remarks are expressed few days after the US canceled planned meetings with the Islamic Emirate in Doha after the Afghan girls beyond grade six were not able to return to school.

Jalil said the 20 years of presence of the international community and the international forces was not a waste, stressing that this presence facilitated the growth of a generation who know how a better life looks like. She, however, said the presence should have been longer. “The coalition in Afghanistan signed up for a very time-consuming process, but it gave less time and more money to Afghanistan. And that was not what the process really needs it. It required maybe less money and more time,” she said.

According to Annen, Germany will continue engaging with Afghanistan to address THE humanitarian challenges by directly supporting the people of Afghanistan. He insisted that his country expect the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

“I think our expectation, from Germany, for an inclusive government, a government that guarantee basic human rights which means that women and children needs to enjoy their basic rights and girls go to school, for example. As long as this is not fulfilled, I cannot see German taxpayers’ money going to the Taliban. But we do not abandon the country … we need to solve the political problem,” he said.—Tolo News


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