Hekmatyar asks India to refrain from meddling in Afghan affairs Lauds PM Imran’s stance on Afghanistan issue

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Hezb-e-Islami chief Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has urged India to refrain from interfering in the internal matters of Afghanistan and appreciated the efforts of Pakistan for conflict resolution in the war-torn country.

“India should focus on its internal issues instead of issuing statements regarding the future of Afghanistan,” Hikmatyar said while speaking to the Pakistani media in Kabul

He also called upon New Delhi to play a positive role to establish peace in Afghanistan.
The former prime minister of Afghanistan said the Indian government should not fight Kashmir war from Afghan soil.

“New Delhi should respect sovereignty of Afghanistan,” he maintained. Hekmatyar was appreciative of the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan as well for his stance on a peaceful and negotiated settlement of Afghan issue.

He expressed the belief that formal talks amongst the Afghan groups to form an inclusive government would start after the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in next few days.

Hekmatyar hoped that soon there would be a government in Kabul, which would be acceptable to the Afghan people and the international community.

He said there was a realisation among all stakeholders that Afghan political leaders and the Taliban need to formally hold dialogue to form the new government in Afghanistan, adding that informal interactions were taking place and soon these contacts would convert into formal talks.

“All stakeholders realize that Afghan political leaders and the Taliban should formally sit on the dialogue table to form the new government in Afghanistan,” Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said adding that informal interactions are taking place in this regard and soon these contacts will convert into formal talks.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Mansoor Ahmed Khan, on Sunday, called on the Hizb-e-Islami chief at his office in Kabul.

They discussed ongoing talks between th e Taliban and peace in Afghanistan is political groups for the formation of a new government in Afghanistan. Mansoor Ahmad reiterated that Pakistan will extend its cooperation for peace in Afghanistan.

Hikmatyar stressed that for peace and formation of new government, all political parties should work together for finding the solution.—APP

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