Heavy fines imposed on shopkeepers selling substandard food items


The safety teams of Food Authority Punjab (FAP) raided various places across the district and imposed heavy fines on those selling substandard and unhealthy milk while 200 liters of unhygienic milk was destroyed on-the-spot.

According to details, safety teams led by Deputy Director Operations Muhammad Usman Cheema inspected various milk supply centres, milk trucks and food points in some areas where he imposed heavy fines for non-compliance with milk standards. He also destroyed two hundred liters of milk on-the-spot while Lodhi Tikka Shop at Pindi Bhattian was fined due to poor environment at Bar-B-Q unit and a large number of insects at shop.

Meanwhile, Inflation in Hafizabad goes out of control. A 10 kg bag of flour supplied by the administration for Rs. 490/- also disappeared from the market which left the people upset. According to the details, after the sharp rise in petrol prices, where transporters have increased fares arbitrarily, there has been a sharp rise in prices of daily necessities as well as vegetables and fruits.

Mutton is being sold at Rs. 1,500/- per kg instead of Rs. 1,000/-, beef at Rs. 700/- per kg instead of Rs. 500/- and milk at Rs. 120/- per kg. While the rates given by the market committee for vegetables and fruits on daily basis are now limited to paper only.

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