Heavy downpours, hailstorm damage standing wheat crop

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

The ongoing series of heavy rains coupled with thunder and hailstorm in district Abbottabad and Mansehra districts Friday has started damaging the standing wheat crops which are ready to harvest. Nathiagali, Thandiani, Meera Jani, Changla Gali with a glimpse of white carpet , meanwhile, the Abbottabad city also received hail storms as big as walnut. The window pans of dozens of motors parked at various places injured badly.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are causing farmers to suffer huge losses worth millions of rupees.

According to details, the continuous rainfall has led to the destruction of standing wheat crops in both districts of the Hazara division, resulting in significant financial losses for the farmers.

Farmers spend millions of rupees on wheat seeds, fertilizers, labour, and medicines during the period of cultivation, and the untimely rains have raised concerns about the damage to the standing crop.

The expenditure on wheat crops is a significant burden on the farmers’ households, including food, water, and other necessities. Additionally, the worst inflation has severely affected the cultivation of wheat, adding to the farmers’ hardships during the past six months. The continuous rainfall is causing distress among the farmers.

Besides, the wheat crop some of the vegetable farms and fruit orchards are also under threat of unexpected rain and hailstorm.