Health services lacking in Pamir area in Badakhshan



In the Pamir area in Badakhshan, which is also known as Bam-e-Dunay, the people must deal with a lack of hospitals and medical care.

Residents of the area say they have a clinic, but most of the time they are faced with a lack of medicine.

According to the residents, in the last few months more than ten of children have died due to illness in this area of Badakhshan.

“If we have a patient we can’t go anywhere and we lose our patients,” said Fazil Bay.

“If we go for three days to the clinic for medicine, the fourth day they say that they don’t have any,” said Hassan, a resident of Pamir.

“Lots of people are sick here; we lost ten to twelve patients …” Said Haji Boto, a resident of Pamir.

Meanwhile the head of the public health department of Badakhshan acknowledged that these challenges exist and asked health organizations to address the problems.

“We can’t solve the challenges with one health organization, we need five health organizations; we lack an ambulance. In the maternity area, we lose mothers and children these are the challenges.

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