Health experts stress precautionary measures during hot weather



Health experts have advised people to drink plenty of water, avoid unnecessary exposure to sun and follow other precautionary measures during the current hot weather.

Talking to APP on Sunday, Dr Tariq Shaheen, As-sistant Professor Jinnah Hospital, said that a number of patients were coming to the hospital emergency with severe vomiting, diarrhea, cholera and gastro symptoms.

He advised that citizens should avoid direct exposure to sun and take plenty of liquids, use umbrella to avoid sun heat which may cause heat stroke.

Dr Shoaib Qureshi, a child specialist, said that the heatwave was dangerous for the young kids so it was responsibility of parents to keep an eye on their activities. He said that children should be kept in the homes as much as possible and given boiled water to drink from time to time, adding that sore products, ice-cream, or cold water could affect their throats.

The second heatwave is hitting the province these days and 7 to 9 centigrade above normal temperature is being observed, which has raised the temperature up to 46 degree Celsius in several areas.

According to the Meteorological experts, the current heatwaves are result of the global warming and some areas of the world like Pakistan and India are facing severe hot weather. APP


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