HDA refutes reports about allotment of plots to govt officers



The Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) has clarified that the social media reports about allotment of plotsto the government officers far below the market rates are unsubstantiated.The HDA’s spokesman said in a statement issued here on Saturday thatsome elements have been maligning the Planning and Development Controlwing of the HDA with regard to the allotment of plots inGulshan-e-Quaid Housing Scheme in Kohsar.

“They want to sully the reputation of an important governmentdepartment,” he emphasized, warning that such a mudslinging campaignwas tantamount to blackmailing.

He said before the incumbent Director General HDA Fuad Ghaffar Soomro,who is also Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad, took the charge aproposal to allot the plots in Gulshan-e-Quaid housing scheme wasunder consideration.

He added that the said proposal was even given a provisional approvalduring the stint of former DG HDA Muhammad Sohail Khan.However, he said, the existing DG on July 29, 2022, soon after takingcharge issued an office order and cancelled the provisional revisedlayout plan of that housing scheme.”

The proposal for allotment of plots in Gulshan-e-Quaid to theemployees of Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) and the employees of allied and facilitatingdepartments, which was processed provisionally, subject to approvalfrom the competent authority, is hereby cancelled,” reads the officeorder.It further stated that the amount for booking the plots deposited bythe officials should be refunded.

The DG had directed the concerned officials of the Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) that the plotsin Gulshan-e-Quaid should be alloted in accordance with the originallayout plan keeping in mind that the market price was charged in orderto benefit the authority.