This Pakistani kid attends wedding reception of his real parents


A couple, who belongs to Punjab’s Hafizabad district, has grasped the attention from social media users since their wedding reception due to a striking reason.

And this is nothing else but the couple’s two-month-old child who had made history by attending the Valima function of his parents – Rayan Sheikh and Anmol.

Both got married on March 13 last year but their wedding function remained incomplete due to lockdown imposed by the government to control the spread of COVID-19.

Family of the groom, 25, were to hold Valima function, that comes after Barat, on March 14 but it could not happen due to ban on indoor, outdoor weddings across the country, leaving them helpless.

When the government relaxed the restrictions in September, various reasons caused them to delay the event and the time came when they were blessed with baby in January this year, local media reported.

To make the event memorable, they tried to hold the function on March 23, the Pakistan Day, but they could not get a venue due to the public holiday.

Earlier this week, finally, they managed to hold their delayed function. The couple while putting of special wedding dresses made entry into the marriage hall along with their child, leaving everyone amused.

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