Hareem Shah confirms marriage, plans to go to Turkey for ‘honeymoon’


Popular TikTok star and social media sensation Hareen Shah Monday confirmed that she had tied the knot with a minister of the Sindh government.

Talking to a private news channel, Shah gave clues about the identity of his hubby but refrained from revealing his name.

She revealed that his husband is the well-known minister of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and already married, adding that they will publicly announce their marriage once the politician managed to convince his first wife.

Hareem Shah, whose real name is Fiza Hussain, said that close friends of her husband are familiar with their marriage.

The TikToker revealed that she would go to Turkey along with her husband on July 4, apparently for their honeymoon. She also promised to share her wedding pictures soon.

The announcement comes only one day after Hareem fueled engagement speculations by posting a picture of her hands holding a diamond ring with the message, “Alhamdulilah.”

Fans of the Pakistani online star assumed she was in a relationship since she was wearing her engagement ring, but she quickly removed the image after dropping a big clue.

Shah has perfected the art of staying in the news since her bizarre acts have piqued the public’s interest. Following her controversies with several celebrities, Hareem has remained a controversial character in the country. Shah also became viral when she posted a video of herself striking a prominent religious figure on social media.

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