Hania Amir does not want to be ‘unapproachable’


Hania Aamir, who has already spoken openly about her fears and insecurities, has written another emotional note about her hardships, stating that she does not want to be an unapproachable celebrity.

On social media, the Dilruba star expressed her feelings, saying, “When I took this picture, I was completely shattered inside. I would recite the kalma all the time hoping Allah would give me sabr to deal with the hurt I was feeling. Tears were ready to stream even in this picture and I was keeping it together as a front.”

“I know I express too much on Instagram and let you guys in on what a part of my private life is about but just bear with it because I feel this is how it should be,” she added.

The actor further said: “I don’t think I’m from a generation that believes a celebrity needs to be ‘unapproachable’ to be a star! Actually the quite opposite.”
“A star in my eyes is the one who is compassionate and vulnerable and scared and emotional and brave and knows what being famous means. Someone who knows the importance of their platform, someone who appreciates their followers their blessings and knows the fact that they can use their voice and influence lives for the better.”

She went on to say, “That’s the star I want to be,” reminding others to be good to those around them and, “most importantly, be kind to yourself.”

Hania Amir had previously written a lengthy note emphasising the value of self-love and urging people to be kind to one another and acknowledge differences of opinion.

Hania had said, “I pride myself on being the person that I am today.” “Yes, I make the most of each day. Yes, I speak my mind. Yes, you might think I’m too much. I am. I am all of these things. I am extra. Extra. I love more. Laugh more. Feel more. Every emotion is heightened and that is the person that I am”

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