Hammad Azhar should be ready for disgrace in 6 months: Ghani


Sindh Education and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani has said that the reason for removing Hafeez Sheikh was not inflation but victory of PDM.

The no-confidence motion against the Chairman Senate will be decided after the PDM’s decision in principle.

After disgracing Asad Umar and Hafeez Sheikh, Minister said, “I see Hammad Azhar being disgraced in 6 months.

It was our right to ask for votes in the Senate elections and I myself had met several PTI senators in this regard.”


Ghani was addressing a press conference at the occasion of joining of PPP by former Sindh Assembly member of MQM Waqar Shah along with hundreds of his colleagues.

Apart from Waqar Shah, JavedNaguri, Rashid Khilji, PPP Korangi President Javed Sheikh, Chaudhry Asghar Arain, former sectors and unit in-charge Korangi belonging to MQM Pakistan, various Korangi Union Councils were also present on the occasion.

The minister said, “At present, leaders and workers of various political parties across the country, including Karachi, are joining the PPP, and Waqar Shah, a former member of the Sindh Assembly from MQM Pakistan, is joining the PPP today.”

He said that at present the MQM which is the ally of the present PTI has started taking decisions against the interests of its workers, martyrs and the Rabta committee and that is why today many of the MQM Pakistan including me  Members of the Assembly, officials and workers are becoming part of the PPP, which today is truly representing the rights of the people.

He said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had declared Qadianis as infidels in the 1973 constitution but all his allies including the present federal government and the Prime Minister are promoting Qadianis in this country.

He said that MQM Pakistan has backtracked on many issues including census, Hyderabad University, which were purely public issues.