Haleem Adil says there is civilian dictatorship in Sindh


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Vice President and the leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that there is a civilian dictatorship in Sindh province and the rule of one family is crushing democracy here.

Addressing to media in Sindh Assembly committee room number 2 flanked by PTI parliamentary party leader Bilawal Ghaffar, PTI Karachi president Khurram Sherzaman, Jamal Siddiqui and other leaders here on Saturday, he said that the PPP does not believe in democracy.

He said there is no representation of the opposition in Public Accounts Committee and the corruption mafia is misusing the budget of Sindh province.

He said that Rs623billion were spent by Sindh health department from 2014 to 2021, but still the health sector is in poor shape.

He said 69 percent government hospitals are given to NGOs. He said out of 1872 government hospitals in Sindh, 1134 are given to PPHI and NGOs. H

e said contract about 48 health centers including in Karachi and Thatta has already been ended and the government is again handing them to NGOs so that the budget of health department can go to the pockets of corruption mafia under one window operation.

He said shortage of medicines and doctors in government hospitals has become a routine. There is also shortage of ICU/ ventilator beds.

The government has banned to shift dead bodies in ambulances. He said there is no dog bite vaccine.

Haleem Adil said that the disease of measles is spreading fast. In town of Zardari there is no snake bite vaccine in hospital.

He said 475000 children in Sindh face malnutrition.

He said there are 5000 AIDS cases registered in Larkana. He said vaccination of children was stopped on plea of coronavirus.

He said communicable diseases are spreading fast and 13 children have died in a few days.


He said the wheat growers are facing huge problems as procurement centers are yet to be opened.

He said Bardana is being given to the growers. He said is past sugarcane growers also faced problems in Sindh.

He said a Seth of PPP is purchasing wheat from growers on cheaper rates and provincial government would purchase wheat from his Seth on higher rate.

He said a crisis of wheat flour would again surface in Sindh soon. He demanded to provide Bardana to growers.


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