Haleem accuses PPP of preparing for horse trading in Senate elections


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the PPP is preparing for horse trading in the coming Senate elections.

Addressing a press conference in Sindh Assembly flanked by PTI MNA Saima Nadeem, PMA Adeeba Hassan and others, he said that under the NFC Award the share of Sindh is 22percent; however, due to abject poverty in Sindh province 31percent of families were helped under the Ehsas Cash Emergency Program. He said Rs60billion were given to 50000 families.

He said; however, the PPP government gave sermons instead of giving people tangible assistance. He said the PPP government gave subsidy only to the rich. He said the PPP leaders were directly benefited though wheat subsidy, tractor subsidy and captive power project subsidy and the beneficiaries included Omni Group and Anwar Majid.

Haleem Adil said that the media cell of the PPP is misleading the masses through its false propaganda against the federal government. He said the PPP has hired highly paid advisors of Pakistan to spread this disinformation. He said the real fact is that Imran Khan loves Sindh and its people.

He said the federal government has fully helped Sindh, despite there is PPP government in Sindh and the federal government would continue to assist the people of Sindh.

Haleem Adil said a few days back Ayaz Memon had filed a petition in high court that he was not given promotion. He said he was not given promotion because there were allegations that NAB and anti-corruption cases were pending against him. He said in this case the high court sought the list of all people who have done plea bargain with the NAB, or cases against them were pending.

He said in recent meeting of Promotion Boards, Irshad Memon was promoted to Grade-21 despite the fact that NAB cases were pending against him. BachalRahopoto were promoted who had appeared along with CM Murad before the NAB. He had issued wheat stock of Rs19billion on a fake cheque, causing huge loss to the public money.

He said such corrupt officers are being promoted in Sindh.  He said that a list of 435 people of Sindh has already been submitted in the Sindh high court and majority of them are officers of Pakistan Administrative and Police services, who should have been sacked.


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