Hajj 2022: Saudi authorities to strictly enforce ‘mahram law’



Saudi authorities have decided to enforce the ‘mah-ram law’ (accompanied by a male guardian) for women below 45 years of age visiting to perform Hajj, according to the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA).

According to the Hajj instructions issued by the civil aviation authority of Saudi Arabia, women below 45 years old will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom without a mahram to perform Hajj. To enforce Hajj instructions, GACA has issued a new decree which stated that “women under (45 years old) shall not boarding on Hajj flights unless accompanied by their male guardian listed on their Hajj visa. In case of violation, women will be de-ported on the same flight. Air carriers will be fully responsible for cost-related,” read a statement from GACA.

The Saudi civil aviation authority also strictly warned all airlines bringing Hajj pilgrims to the Kingdom to abide by the rules, otherwise strict action would be taken. “Failure to comply with circulars issued by GACA is a violation of government orders, and legal procedures will be applied to the violator and will be held responsible,” it added.

Last year, as the Kingdom moved towards many reforms, Saudi authorities had allowed women over 45 years of age to perform Hajj without mahram in groups.—Agencies


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