HABIBMETRO, IDEMIA and VISA commence Tokenization, Digital Card programme



In continuation of its innovation journey, HABIBMETRO, in collaboration with VISA, commenced its Tokenization & Digital Card programme by introducing IDEMIA as a solution provider in Pakistan. This initiative was taken to further enhance HABIBMETRO customers’ digital payment experience and make it more secure and convenient.

Tokenization replaces sensitive bank account information, such as the 16-digit primary bank account number, with a unique digital identifier called a ‘token’. Tokenization allows transactions to be processed without exposing account details for a more secure digital payment experience.

Moreover, with a ‘Tap To Phone’ feature, HABIBMETRO customers will be able to make contactless payments by tapping their mobile phones on devices enabled with contactless payments, hence opening up a world of convenience.

In addition to this, HABIBMETRO customers will also be able to obtain a Digital Card quickly and conveniently via the HABIBMETRO Insta Mobile App using the IDEMIA Digital Card solution, eliminating the need for extensive documentation. The Digital Card will allow HABIBMETRO customers to conduct safe and secure online payments with flexibility of card limit, expiry and issuance of multiple cards as per requirement.