Gwadar fencing project starts to upgrade security network


Staff Reporter


In order to take security at new heights, Gwadar Fencing Project has finally kicked off under Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan 2017-2050, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday. In collaboration with the army, Makran Administration, Gwadar Development Authority, Gwadar Port Authority and Balochistan government, installation of iron fences will complete in phases.
Initially, security fences are to be laid down around 15000-acre land of Gwadar city. Three or four entry and exit points will be established to help regulate inflow and outflow moments in a befitting manner. In an exclusive interview, Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Chairman Naseer Khan Kashani said that Gwadar Fencing Project will change the security dynamics in Gwadar Port as well as Gwadar city, globally-famous as crown jewel of CPEC.
“It was a long proposed desire that has come true now,” he added. He termed fencing around specific area of Gwadar a transformation of Gwadar to become safer and more secure on modern age’s demand.
“Presently, Gwadar area is brimming with a number of security check posts. Escorting conveys with high-level surveillance are definitely good for safety. But the ambience makes formal and informal movement uneasy,” he elaborated.
According to Kashani, one of the finest advantages of fencing Gwadar would be to help instill the sense of free movement. “Check post free area inside the fence lines would allow people walking and driving as per their own time and pace like as bird flying in sky,” he opined. He said that truly speaking, investors and traders always demanded security as they were to run their businesses with adequate market dynamism. “The ongoing action plan is augur well for local as well foreign investors,” he added.
Meanwhile GDA senior official said that since Chinese people came here and exerted their energies to many assignments did not venture out to enjoy routine life in the streets and markets of Gwadar due to security issues. “Recent terror attack at private hotel in Gwadar had further limited their foot movement,” he added. “They deserve a normal life free from all sorts of threats. After rigorous work, they need to go for outing and cherishing marvelous walk at boisterous beaches of Gwadar. They must have an environment in which they dine outside enjoying and feasting their eyes on traditional Gwadar cuisines. They seek leisure time besides shopping spree with their families,” he added.
He held the belief that Chinese officials and workers were going to have good taste of life soon as Gwadar Fencing Project is up and running now. CPEC Parliamentary Committee Chairman Sher Ali Arbab said that he was going to hold a meeting on the issue as early as possible. With fencing of Gwadar, manpower busy at various ongoing development works including Gwadar Eastbay Expressway, New Gwadar International Airport, construction of breakwater, development of Free Zone, Pak-China Friendship Hospital, Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute of Gwadar heaved the sigh of deep satisfaction.