Gurwani book of Baba Guru Nanak launched


Our Correspondent


Launching ceremony of Gurwani book of Baba Guru Nanak was arranged by Chamber of Commerce Shikarpur with the collaboration of Inter faith Harmony Centre held at Shaheed Bhagat Kanwar Auditorium at Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur. Dr Ghulam Raza Bhatti, the Vice Chancellor of SAU, said that like Sindh University born Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur and SALU has born Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur and after tremendous efforts of people of Shikarpur Shaikh Ayaz University established adding the first responsibility of university to born morally rich person and later good doctor, engineer and etc besides highlighting over launching ceremony of book he termed Gurwani for Sindhi language as treasure and advised that Gurwani through Internet could be accessed up to the hands of every person and said that if any institute or philanthropist help we could establish digital lab at SAU and through digital lab a lot of important book could be onlined so that everyone could get benefit from online books.
Dada Reva Chand acclaimed the efforts of SAU administration and others and lit over Gurwani book of Baba Guru Nanak and said that before this all 26 editions had kept in the library of his elders, but now all 26 editions have been published and which are available for reading and urged upon the audience that there is also need to work for Sami Chair at Shaikh Ayaz University.