Gulf capitals dominate world’s fastest 5G cities in 2021


Capital cities in the Gulf made up five of the top 10 fastest globally for 5G connectivity in the first half of 2021, according to a new report.

Oslo had the fastest commercially available 5G speeds with a median download speed of 526.74 Mbps, while Seoul was second at 467.84 Mbps, Internet metrics provider Ookla said in a report.

Abu Dhabi was the fastest Gulf capital and the third globally at 421.26 Mbps, followed by Doha at 413.40 Mbps. Riyadh was sixth fastest globally at 384.66 Mbps, Kuwait City was seventh and Muscat eighth.

Manama was 15th with a speed of 249.71 Mbps. The slowest global capital for 5G speeds was Capetown at 53.33 Mbps.

Other notable capitals include London at 167.50 Mbps, Tokyo at 167.02 Mbps and Jerusalem at 145.17 Mbps.—AN

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