Guardian stands by its story


The British newspaper, Guardian, said that it stood by its story after former prime minister Imran Khan stated that the newspaper took his comments regarding Salman Rushdie ‘out of context.’ The Guardian’s world affairs editor Julian Borger tweeted on Saturday: “We did not misquote Imran Khan.

We stand absolutely by our reporting of the interview. Khan himself is not saying we misquoted him, only that we took his remarks out of context, but we provided the context, as you can see in the story.”

In his interview with the British newspaper, former prime minister Imran Khan condemned the attack on Salman Rushdie, describing it as “terrible” and “sad”, and saying that while the anger of the Islamic world at Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses was understandable, it could not justify the assault. But later, in a statement issued on PTI’s official Twitter account on

Saturday, the ex-PM said his statement was taken out of context. In the tweet, Mr Khan said: “The Guardian took my speech out of context.

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