GSP carries out 9,628 L-KMs 2D, 3,531 Sq-KMs 3D seismic


The Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP), an attached department of the Petroleum Division, carried out around 9,628 Line Kilometers (L-KMs) 2D and 3,531 Square Kilometers (Sq-KMs) 3D seismic surveys during a three-year period to identify the untapped hidden reserves of oil and gas in potential areas of the country.

“ The GSP has conducted the surveys across the country which greatly helped oil and gas companies initiate exploration and production activities in the marked potential pockets,” a senior official privy to petroleum sector developments told APP.

Similarly, they carried out 1,917 Sq-KMs 3D seismic surveys during the year 2019, whereas 716 in 2020 and 898 in 2021 in all four provinces.—APP