Groom’s parents pay price of love marriage


Our Correspondent


As the saying goes ‘love and tragedy go hand in hand’, the same has happened when a love marriage in Taxila resulted in a double murder on Saturday.
Usually, the lovebirds are targeted when the tragedy strikes but here the parents of the man have to pay the price with their lives.
The love marriage took an ugly turn when the father and uncle of the bride murdered the groom’s parents, their real sister and brother-in-law. Chand Sadeeq of Taxila fell in love and tied the knot with his maternal uncle’s daughter. But in a moment of rage, the infuriated brothers, the girl’s father and uncle, killed their real sister and her husband, the boy’s parents – Saddiq Maseeh and Aazmi. Police have arrested the father of the girl, Amjad Maseeh, while the uncle managed to flee after committing the double murder.

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