Great performance by Arts Council Music Academy in Festival


On the second day of the 4th Sindh Literature Festival at Arts Council of Pakistan June Elialan, the children performed best on “Save My Childhood from Society”.

The purpose of the play was to marry off girls at an early age and the oppression that befell them.

On this occasion, Sadiqa Salahuddin said that this play was not written by anyone and everyone has written it, this is the story of everyone, how children are seeing this world and what are their problems, Farzana and Islam prepared it.

The girls and boys on stage won the hearts of the audience with their performances.

At the end of the festival, Arts Council Music Academy (Ekma Band) including Afaq Adnan, Arman Rahim, Mustafa Baloch, Shahid Rehman, Shams Al-Arfeen, Zeeshan Pervaiz and Muzammil performed a wonderful musical program in which a large number of people applauded and encouraged them.


The three-day Sindh Literature Festival at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has organized various sessions reflecting the culture of Sindh.

The second day of the festival started with the unveiling of three books by scholars and literary institutions at the Sindh Literature Festival.

Performance, Contemporary Sindhi Novel, Role of Universities in Sindh, Importance of Education were discussed in various sessions while Music, Theater and Poetry were also part of Sindh Literature Festival.


In response to a question, senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said that we raise our voice for ourselves but our voice is not hidden and it does not appear on television. In the media, the worker was considered a loser and used it.

“Yes, I think the information department should be abolished because it is an effective source of ministry corruption.

Digital media has its place but print media has its own importance and will always remain so,” he said.

Want to be but use journalism as a ladder: Mubashir Zaidi, Dudu Chandio, Mustafa Jarwar.


The two-part interview with well-known journalist Wasatullah and President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah in the session “How Institutions Should Run” based on the journey of success since the establishment of Arts Council.

Ahmad Shah said that my biggest training was in the press club, I came to the Arts Council by accident, there was no place to sit in the Arts Council in the 80’s, I was under social pressure, my people made me a leader, At such a difficult time I was threatened with my children, my friends and family always stood by me